Chisale says three of his luxury vehicles are gifts

Peter Mutharika Norman Chisale Peter Mukhito

Former presidential bodyguard Norman Chisale told the Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations that three of his luxury vehicles are gifts given to him by friends.

Chisale who was former President Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard declared his assets to the declarations office last year.

The Nation reported that Chisale listed a Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Landcruiser VX and a BMW X5 Series which he said were given to him by friends in in London in the United Kingdom, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Lilongwe.

Mutharika’s former bodyguard also said he owns a Mercedes Benz worth K8 million.

On houses, Chisale mentioned one at Kanjedza Township in Blantyre valued at K30 million. According to Chisale, the house was a loan from a person identified as Mr L. Fazeh.

He also declared to have sold a plot in Area 49, Lilongwe to former Cabinet minister Ben Phiri at K12 million.

Chisale did not mention any business which he is involved in but he said he borrowed K200 million from FDH Bank.

On his part, former Director of State Residences Peter Mukhito declared three houses in Lilongwe valued at K155 million as part of his assets.

He also mentioned a K30 million plot at Namiwawa residential area in Blantyre and another one in Mangochi worth K95 million.

Mukhito, however, listed one plot as being owned by a family member without mentioning their name and he also did not indicate the value of a house he constructed in 2010 while serving as Inspector General of Malawi Police Service.

The former police chief mentioned salary, allowances, farming and business as source of income.

Recently, the Malawi Revenue Authority seized seven luxury vehicles at Mukhito’s house on suspicion of tax evasion.

Mukhito was arrested last month over his involvement in the K5 billion cement scandal in which Mutharika’s TPIN was used to import duty free cement.

Chisale was also arrested over the same issue and was charged with money laundering and fraud.