Mask up or pay MK10, 000 – govt. announces new Covid measures

...bans weddings, Churches and all gatherings

…empowers Health Minister to impose lockdowns

Government, through the Minister of Health, has gazzeted new measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus announcing measures that will leave the minister with the power to impose lockdowns.

In the gazzeted measures that Malawi24 has seen, all gatherings have been banned. Only funerals have been left to go on with a restriction of 50 people.

Any person who will be causing people to gather will be fined a total of MK100, 000 and serve a three month jail time. This means that religious leaders and couples wishing to tie knots might end up in jail if they decide to go ahead with the gatherings.

According to the measures, face masks will now be enforced for anyone going out in public. Failure to wear a mask will attract a penalty of MK10, 000.

The Minister has further announced a tightening of laws in entering Malawi. While Malawians are the only people allowed to enter into the country, government has indicated that all returnees must come with them a Covid clearance certificate.

Measures have also been announced that the Minister of Health might choose to impose lockdowns within areas in the interest of public health.

Under the lockdown, no person will be allowed to go out or leave the area without a due cause.

Malawi has seen a Spike of Covid cases in recent days. Previously, measures that had been put in place by the former government had been challenged in court which had since suspended them.



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