Phuka urges Muslims to follow prevention measures during Eid celebrations


Co-Chairperson of the Coronavirus Taskforce John Phuka has urged Muslims in the country to observe Coronavirus prevention measures as they celebrate Eid-Al-Adha today.

In a statement on Thursday, Phuka noted that Eid-Al-Adha celebrations involve gatherings where friends and families pray together and the giving of alms in the form of sacrificed animal meat.

Phuka then urged Muslims to practice social distancing, wear masks and avoid physical contact during the celebrations.

He also encouraged Muslims to prohibit large gathering in public places associated with the activities, consider holding events outdoors and to shorten length of events in order to limit the potential exposure between people.

Phuka has further asked Muslims to encourage use of personal prayer rugs placed over carpets during prayers and to ensure that handwashing facilities are available.

Today, Muslims around the world have today begun celebrating Eid-Al-Adha, which is the second largest Muslim festival after Eid-al-Fitr.

In Malawi, Coronavirus has killed 109 people and the number of recorded cases is 3,981 recorded.