Boxer Ellen Simwaka says she is not stranded in South Africa


By Rahim Kamwana

South Africa based Malawian boxer Ellen Simwaka has rejected claims that she is stranded in South Africa and that her boxing career is on the verge of collapsing.

Speaking in an interview from South Africa on Monday, the former WBF champion said the reports that she is selling fat cakes are true because she loves business and that she has been doing that business even before.

She, however, added that she is not stranded in South Africa despite being affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

“I will resume my full training because as of now I am doing indoor training, everything that was reported is not true my trainer and manager are also assisting me in many things so I refute that kind of information”, Simwaka said.

She further said that, she does not have any idea of quiting boxing because it is her career and she does not take it for granted being in the sport.

“I love boxing as my career and being a champion many people have eyes on me so I am in boxing to stay no matter what happens.

“I urge all my supporters here in South Africa and in Malawi to be calm everything will be back to normal and they will see me again dancing in the ring,” she said.