Tonse Alliance says Chakwera, Chilima will unite Malawians

The Tonse Alliance has urged people in Nkhatabay to vote for the alliance’s candidate Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and runningmate Dr. Saulos Chilima, saying they will unite Malawians.

The Tonse Alliance held a mega rally on Saturday at Chirundu in Nkhata-Bay Central which was led by UTM’s regional governor (RG) Leonard Njikho together with the People’s Party (PP) vice president Ralph Mhone.

Speaking in an interview after the assembly, Njikho pleaded with people from Nkhatabay Central to vote for Tonse Alliance torch bearers Dr. Chakwera and his runningmate Dr. Chilima who is also Malawi’s vice president as they are determined to bring good leadership and promote unity in Malawi through their manifesto agenda.

He said: “We want people to vote for Dr. Chakwera and his partner Dr. Chilima so that they turn stones of development and unite people in Malawi because currently the country is divided due to poor leadership portrayed by the current regime.”

He went further to say that this will be possible as the alliance has merged their manifestos among which is to make Malawi food sufficient and reduce the price of fertilizer to K4000.

“We want each and every Malawian to be affording three meals a day which means having enough food and that will be achieved as the alliance talks of reducing the current price of fertilizer to MK4,500.”

Taking his turn, Mhone who is the Vice president for PP and also the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkhata-Bay Central said as the alliance, they are putting in place strict measures to secure the FPE from any irregularities.

“We are going to make sure that we use well knowledgeable people to begin with the verification exercise which is ongoing so that we track any possible mistakes and query the authority appropriately,” Mhone said.

His statement emerged as he alleged that five people had been sent back from a verification centre despite bringing their national IDs and successfully being registered and voting on the same center initially during the 2019 nullified Tripartite Elections (TPE).

“We had a case this morning at Msani Primary school whereby five people were sent back from verifying their names as they did not appear in the system at all. We are not going to just sit down,” he explained.

Political parties in the country are conducting campaign rallies ahead of the June 23 presidential elections.