Zambian national dies in Lilongwe after taking kachasu

A Zambian national died on Saturday night in Lilongwe after taking locally distilled spirit (kachasu) on an empty stomach.

Confirming the development was Lilongwe deputy police publicist Foster Benjamin who identified the Zambian national as Boniface Banda, aged 33.

Banda was until his death working as a mechanic for a Chipata-based company in Zambia.

Benjamin said Banda was called into the country on 23 April this year to service a truck that had broken down at Njewa in the city.

It is further reported that on Saturday, April 25, he left his workplace for a nearby village where he started excessively taking some kachasu and he later died in the night.

The truck driver reported the matter to police who rushed to the scene and took the man to Kamuzu Central Hospital for postmortem where results showed that he had died of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Meanwhile, police are advising the general public to be responsible for their lives and eat some food whenever they want to drink Kachasu.

Boniface Banda came from Lundazi District in the Eastern Province, Zambia.