Livingstonia Synod to administer holy communion amid Covid-19

The Livingstonia Synod says its members will receive holy communion on Sunday amid a ban on church gatherings.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Friday, the Synod’s General Secretary Levi Nyondo said the church members will have holy communion in all their church sections on Sunday.

“Yes that’s true we awe are proceeding with the communion but in different way this time. All members will gather in their respective sections, for instance Masasa section will meet there (in Masasa), Police section will also meet there and other sections as well,” he said.

He added that the Synod instituted a taskforce led by Synod Health Department to monitor all sections.

“We want to minimize the number of people who can be gathering at one place,” said Nyondo.

A member of the church told Malawi24 that they are worried with the arrangement since government banned gatherings.

“In some sections there are more than one hundred members so that can still put someone at a risk,” he said.

Last Sunday, the Livingstonia Synod also held prayers in all its churches.

On Thursday, government banned church gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic. Malawi has recorded 12 cases of the coronavirus pandemic and two deaths.