Maranatha Academy switches to online education amid coronavirus outbreak


As the uncertainty surrounding the re-opening of schools continues in Malawi due to Covid-19 outbreak, Maranatha Academy has introduced online teaching for all the students.

The Academy’s students have now been given an opportunity to learn throughout this period while at home.

Maranatha Academy Managing Director, Ernest Kaonga told Malawi24 on Wednesday that the lessons have commenced.

“We are now embracing online learning as a method of teaching. One big motivation for doing so has been the outbreak of the coronavirus as you are aware government advised us to close down schools due to this Convid-19,” said Kaonga.

He added: “As so many students have had to remain at home to minimize human to human interaction, Maranatha thought it wise to push forward these e-teaching tactics.”

“We have brought e-learning where we will be beaming lessons from Maranatha in Blantyre. All the students will be accessing these lessons and not only Maranatha students but any student who will register with us will have an opportunity to learn through the link that will enable them to access our lessons with our best teachers on the land. This is an opportunity in this time of Convid-19 pandemic,” he explained.

Kaonga said for students at Maranatha to access the link, they will be required to pay K10,000 while students from other schools will be required to pay K30, 000.

Kaonga also revealed that the institution started teaching their teachers some lessons because most of them have never given online teaching classes.

“They have to learn to speak naturally in front of a camera, use digital red pens during presentations and keep the students engaged online via written comments. We had to train them and everything went on well,” concluded Kaonga.