Elderly couple killed in Nsanje


A 70-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman were killed yesterday at Chinkuzi village, traditional Authority Malemia in Nsanje District .

One of the neighbors of the victims, said that he saw the couple before going to the garden and upon his return he saw someone coming out of the house of the couple and he heard a voice of a person crying.

Then issue was communicated to John Mafunga who is a village headman Chinkuzi and it is him who reported the issue to police.

On his part, Sargent Pilirani Kondwani, Deputy Publicist for Nsanje police station said that they believe the couple was killed with a hole handle.

“After the village head reported the issue to police, the police visited the place. There we found a hole handle with blood stains.

“The criminals are believed to have strangled Mrs. Fombe who was found dead and hit the husband with a hole handle on the rear head, fore head and left jaw. Then the two were rushed to Nsanje district hospital where the Mrs Fombe was pronounced dead upon arrival and the husband died while receiving treatment,” he said.

Postmortem conducted revealed death of the man was due to head injuries and while the woman died due to strangulation.

Meanwhile, police in the district have detained the neighbor of the late Mr. Fombe for questioning and are seriously inquiring to locate the criminals to answer the charge of murder.

The couple Fulukiya Fombe and Emere Fombe both hailed from Chimkuzi village in traditional Authority Malemia in the district.