Tweebs mock Tay Grin for ‘recycling’ South African model

With just a matter of hours after Tay Grin, conceived Limbani Kalilani, freed his latest visuals for Too Much, some Twitter users can’t help but mock him.

Grin has been mocked owing to the appearance of a model who also brightened South African heavyweight’s music video for F.R.E.E by AKA, Ricky Rick and DJ Tira.

[email protected] tweeted, “model wawamba ngati uyu mwaganiza bwanji boss?” (What were you thinking by having a common model like this one)

Another twitter user @Fundokha also laughed at Tay for having a model who   appeared in a South African video, in his video.

On the contrary, other people spot no fault in the model’s cameo considering that their job is to give meanings to videos. They believe it is not an issue if Limbani’s music video features a model that was also in AKA’s song since it is within the directors’ job parameters to identify people who will give their works a wow effect.

@Kingrayray95 tweeted “Mumakwana amuna Grin” (You always do a good job Grin).

The video has premiered via Trace Music Africa. It follows in the footsteps of Tay’s other music videos, Kanda, Tola, and Lubwa among others. Too much video is also tipped to rise to notoriety.