Organizations join hands in sensitising communities about Ebola

Two organizations in Lilongwe have a embarked on a project aimed at sensitizing people in rural areas about Ebola.

Titha Organisation of the People with Disabilities (TOPED) and Youth Health Network (YOHNET) are implementing the project which started in 2018 and is currently being implemented in Mchinji, Dedza, and Nsanje.


The aim of the project is to sensitise people about Ebola especially in the rural areas considering that some people are still not aware about the disease.

Speaking with Malawi24, Country Coordinator for the Project Apostle Helix Jaxon Chigonam’malunje Undi said the country has a lot of illegal immigrants hence the organisations’ interest is also to work with government and stakeholders to  ensure that those who have diseases do  not spread them in the country.

“What we are doing now is to work with government knowing that it has got powers to take illegal foreigners out of our locations to camps such as Dzaleka or Luwani since illegal immigrants come in our country without being screened at our borders and airports ” he explained.

In his remarks, Operations Manager Rex Whyghtone Daud said that they have gone in borders and districts of this country sensitizing people such as the chiefs and businesspeople and setting up committees.

He then asked for support from well-wishers considering that the project is not being funded.