Politicians should not divide Malawians – Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has told Malawians not to allow failed politicians to divide people in the country.

Mutharika admiring items produced by members of the cultural grouping

The Malawi leader was speaking on Sunday at the Mulhako wa Alhomwe cultural event at Chonde in Mulanje.

He said people of different tribes attended the ceremony because the celebration is about unity in diversity. Mutharika, however, warned that some politicians wants to disturb the unity that is there in Malawi.

“We must never allow frustrated and failed politicians to divide and confuse us as Malawians,” he said .

He also advised Malawians to reject hate and seek to maintain peace saying Malawi has always been known as a peaceful country.

“Some people do not want peace in this country. We are building while they are destroying. This is not good,” said Mutharika in reference to looting and damage of property during post-election protests .

The Malawi leader then reminded Malawians that no tribe is superior over another tribe. He said culture should not be used to divide people in the country.

Mutharika also urged the cultural grouping to stop traditions that spread HIV/AIDS and encourage early marriages.


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