Major 1 does it again: Bushiri heals HIV positive woman

Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has reportedly healed a South Africa-based woman living with HIV of the deadly virus.

According to a testimony that Prophet Bushiri shared on his official Facebook page, Asnet Mvula who happens to be a Malawian discovered she is HIV positive following a mandatory HIV testing by her prospective employer.

After being diagnosed HIV positive, Mvula was told she could not be employed.

“Asnet Mvula from Malawi came to SA following her boyfriend. He later found that her husband was living positively. While looking for a job, she was told they won’t employ until she tests her blood and when she did, she found she was positive” reads a testimony that Prophet Bushiri shared on his Facebook on Sunday.

Ms Mvula is said to have gone to ECG after seeing “people getting healed”.

“She said to herself that she cannot suffer while she sees people getting healed in this place. She connected and received declarations the Major Prophet was making in the church” reads the post on Bushiri’s page. 

The employers who shunned her have not been mentioned.

After being prayed for by Prophet Bushiri who is widely known as Major 1, Bushiri alleges that the woman’s second HIV test came out negative.

“After a particular service, she got invitation for a job interview. This time, she was not scared for a test because she believed if this God who healed others then He will also do it for her. Indeed, after a test she was found negative”

While Malawi24 could not independently authenticate the claims, Prophet Bushiri has reportedly been healing people of infections and diseases that have left the medical fraternity puzzled.

Several people have been sharing testimonies with regards to how Major 1 touched them with miracle healing.


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  1. Bushiri is the Daddy of Lies and Scams. This is another of Bushiris evil satanic scams. When is Conman Bushiri going to repent and apologie for his enormous $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam ?

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