University professors hit with Sexually Transmitted Grades scandal


Following a BBC investigative documentary that professors and lecturers across universities in Ghana and Nigeria are sexually abusing female students in exchange for good grades, damning reports have implicated universities in Malawi.

A few days ago, a whistleblower took to Twitter to unmask some of the lecturers and professors from the Universities in Malawi who are allegedly having sex with students in exchange for good grades.

College of Medicine:

The whistleblower listed lecturers with the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine who are allegedly pressuring girls into sleeping with them. The tweets are still trending as people continue to give different views on the matter.

In a press release, the college has said it is saddened by the allegations considering that the institution values professionalism and the spirit of Ubuntu.

“We do not condone any form of harassment including sexual abuse whether among students, or among staff, or staff against students or students against staff. It is morally, ethically and academically wrong and abhorrent and no human being deserves to go through this,” reads part of the press release.

However, other analysts have accused College of Medicine for its failure to act on the matter when it was first reported. Analysts this publication has talked to say the statement by the college of medicine is intended to save face.

“No action will be taken,” said one analyst who did not want to be named.

But COM has further said that it respects the rules which do not provide any room for harassment, promising to only to take proper action “once the truth is established”.

Others on Twitter demanded evidence and accused the whistleblower who goes by the handle, @FellixMW and joined Twitter in February 2016 substantiate his allegations with evidence.

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If you are a current or former students of any university in Malawi with experience or firsthand information regarding lecturer demanding sex from students in exchange for good grades, please share your stories by writing to: [email protected] or messaging us on Facebook  Your identity will remain anonymous.