Muslims threaten to close bottle stores in Mangochi

Malawi beer

Muslims in Mangochi have threatened to shut down unregistered bottle stores in the district saying they are not happy that alcohol is being sold anywhere.

According to one of the Muslims Mphatso Joseph, the Muslims met last week at Mangochi Main Mosque and agreed to close unregistered bottle stores where beer and foodstuffs are sold together.

The residents are concerned that some stores are selling beer and food stuffs that are not allowed in Islam to children.

“They are selling people illegal foods, moreover children are getting drunk,” he said.

According to Joseph, the Muslims met on Friday where they agreed to deliver letters to the Mangochi District Assembly and Muslim Association of Malawi’s Halaal Department to ensure the closure of the unregistered bottle stores.

The Muslims have given the two bodies 10 days to shut down the shops.

“If they fail, the Muslims will clean the place by destroying these shops and chase them to never sell beer again the way they stopped the selling pork everywhere,” the source said.


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  1. I fully support this initiative. We have the same problem in Lilongwe and Zomba. This problem arose from corrupt officials who take bribes from these BRUNDIANS. We cannot accept our country to be run as a brothel.

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