Senior Chief Namkumba warns subjects against sabotaging govt projects


Senior Chief Namkumba of Mangochi has urged chiefs to support President Professor Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for people in the district to enjoy development.

Senior Chief Namkumba was speaking on Saturday during the installation of Group Village Headman Chilombo at Chilombo Headquarters in Mangochi Monkey Bay.

He said chiefs should not allow their political views, support and affiliation to undermine the people and government of the day.

Nankumba has warned other chiefs

“Let me call upon all the chiefs (Group Village Heads and Village Headmen) to give full support to President Professor Peter Mutharika’s administration in order for us to enjoy meaningful development,” said Senior Chief Namkumba

He added: “I am aware that some chiefs are working with opposition political parties in order to frustrate government development agendas which is unhealthy.

“We are part of the government as such we are supposed to support government of the day no matter  which party we belong to lets accept that DPP is the one ruling,” he said.

Concurring with Senior Chief Namkumba, Member of Parliament for Mangochi Monkey Bay who is also Minister of Transport and Public Works who was present at the function, Ralph Pachalo Jooma said chiefs are the custodians of development and must work closely with government of the day.

“Chiefs are custodians for development as such they are required to work with government of the day.

“Chiefs act as the bridge between the people and government so they should always be a cordial relationship between chiefs and government,” said Jooma adding that government will continue working with chiefs in ensuring that the citizenry is provided with necessary social facilities.

Jooma also reiterated president professor Mutharika’s commitment in improving the welfare of the chiefs in the country which include elevating them and increasing their package.