Govt suspends recruitment of interns


The Malawi Government has suspended the recruitment of new interns under the Graduate Internship Program.

On Tuesday this week, the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Labour, Skills and Innovation released a list of names of graduates recruited under the 2019/2020 program.

The government also stressed that it will not recruit any more graduate interns in the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

However, in a statement yesterday, principal secretary for Labour, Skills and Innovation Thokozire Banda said government has put on hold the intake of new interns.

Banda advised the interns whose names were in the released list not to report for duties.

“The Ministry therefore wishes to inform all interns who were included in the new intake not to report to district assemblies for registration, and to workplaces to start working as earlier communicated until further notice,” Banda.

The government rolled out the program last year with more than 3000 graduate interns.  Those who were taken on board in the last fiscal year were given an opportunity to extend their contracts by one more year.

According to the government, the internship program is aimed at equipping graduates with skills before they penetrate the job market.