Two Mozambicans arrested for attempting to sell boy with albinism

Albinos Malawi

Police in Ntcheu have arrested two Mozambicans for attempting to sell a four-year-old boy with albinism.

Ntcheu Police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu has identified the Mozambican suspects as Juwawo Bisiwasi aged 19, and Soniya Sipotsi aged 30.

According to Chigalu, the family members arrived at Tsangano in the district last week in search of a market to sell the boy aged 4.

“In the process, some well-wishers tipped police at Tsangano police unit. Last Saturday, officers managed to arrest the suspects after posing as buyers,” said Chigalu.

Chigalu added that the Mozambicans also came to Malawi with a muzzle loader which they sold to village headman Maliko Maliselo aged 71 of T/A Dambe in Neno District.

The Police found the gun and arrested the chief for possession of a gun without license.

Meanwhile, the suspects are being kept at Ntcheu Prison as the police are still investigating the matter. The Malawi police are also expecting Mozambican police to help out with the case.


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