MDF will protect protesters – Chakwera


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera says he is confident the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) will always protect unarmed protesters marching peacefully.

Chakwera made the remarks in a statement delivered at a press briefing on Saturday.

Chakwera speaking at the press briefing

On Wednesday, President Peter Mutharika ordered the MDF to use necessary force to stop protests in the country’s borders and airports.

However, Chakwera said the MDF has always acted in the interest of maintaining constitutional order and the Mutharika regime will be disappointed if it wants to poison soldiers to attack civilians and stain their spotless reputation.

“Those of us who were here should therefore have confidence that so long as we are unarmed and peaceful when we march to demand justice, the Malawi Defense Force has the leadership and integrity to ensure our safety and uphold the rule of law,” he said.

The MCP leader also hailed the Malawi army soldiers saying if it was not for the soldiers’ professionalism there would be very little reason to feel safe and very little hope to stay free.

In his statement, Chakwera condemned petrol bombs attacks targeting opposition politicians who “oppose the corruption and illegitimacy of the Mutharika regime.”

He expressed concern over the lack of progress by the Malawi Police Service to investigate the malicious crimes and bring the lawless people responsible to justice.

Chakwera however stated that the MCP and its supporters are not intimidated.

“We are not intimidated, we are not deterred, we are not retreating, and you will not get away with it,” he said.

Chakwera and UTM leader Saulos Chilima are challenging the outcome of the May 21 elections in court.

The two leaders have also been joining protests demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

Chakwera said yesterday that his position on electoral justice is that the judges sitting at the court must be left free to determine justice and the people marching on the streets should also be left free to demand justice.



  1. No Chakwera is of course not the Commander-in-chief. The current Commander-in-chief (illegitimate) is of course the one that is trying hard to command the MDF to ‘kill’ all the 62% of the electorate that did not vote for him. The MDF of course cannot ‘obey’ such an illegitimate ‘command’. All that Chakwera is doing here is to express his gratitude to the MDF whose stance in the current political stalemate has so far indeed been very professional. By his recent reshuffling and re-deployment of some professional army leadership at the MDF, this illegitimate commander-in-chief hopes derail the MDF professionalism in order to achieve his murderous intentions whereby he can have an army that will carry out his orders to ‘shoot to kill’ and instill fear in the 62% of the electorate that did not vote for his tribalistic and nepostic type of presidency.

  2. The President wants to use force to rule this nation.Does he wants to kill his own people coz he wants to be the President?We could not be intimidated

  3. Why should he feel ashamed after all he is giving hope to the hopeless.
    Ana a Israel kuchoka mu Eguputo sichinali chapafupi ayi.
    Pharaoh samadziwa that he was fighting with God.
    Chakwera and Army Commander they are doing good job for the sake of justice and freedom, not only that but we should also know that Malawi is a government of the pipo and for the pipo. Therefore pole needs the leadership they voted for.

  4. Shameless pastor..setting our country on fire. God has rejected you. continue kubangula mokweza.

  5. APM Is not intimidating anybody! He is asking you NOT to destroy the country! do not destroy the economy of the country! He is explaining to you that if you indulge in criminal activity the MDF should charge you and arrest you and as a citizen I think he is right> You Chakwera if you just protestant and left the citizens alone nobody would bother but you encourage people to loot, destroy, break petrol stations, what sort of demonstration is that? if you behave criminally you will get your reward.

    Dont destroy our borders we need that for the survival of the country!

  6. Kagwere uko Chakwera ndi nzako Chilima.Kodi chisankho amawina anthu angati?mwaluzamwaluza kagweleni uko makape,pangani zina mwina muyambe business yogulitsa zinyau

  7. Chakwera,are you mad?who are you to control MDF?You are stupid thats you are still using the symbol of black cock,is there anyone nowadays who can rear black cocks or chicken?All over are white cocks????.Look at him,a human-like ape,proconcul

  8. I hope Mr Nundwe is right man and he is doing job which he should suppose to do. To protect Country and its people but there’s other cowards they think is bad man because he’s not tolerate there stupid

  9. It’s irresponsible and stupid statement for immature Chakwera to make.

  10. Are you the commander in chief of Defence forces Chakwera feel ashamed of yourself Zinjanthropus

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