Shocking! Bushiri heals mysterious disease

ECG Papa Major 1

From Major 1 to Major Healer! That is the nickname that people in South Africa have given Prophet Shepherd Bushiri after healing a man who was allegedly given a few days to live.

According to a testimony monitored by Malawi24 which was shared last Sunday, Bushiri is said to have healed the mysterious disease that had puzzled both witch-doctors and medical doctors alike.

ECG Papa Major 1
Healed by Bushiri

A man named Michael Moletsi from Rustenburg explained how a man called Kholethi was brought before him in a very critical illness to the extent that nobody wanted to be next to the man.

The condition, narrated Moletsi, drove Kholethi’s family to desert him.

“This old man has been sick since 2006. His family deserted him. Nobody wanted to be close to him” explained Moletsi.

“He has been to all the places. The witch-doctors could not help him. Even the medical doctors in hospital. They could not even diagnose the mysterious disease. They tried every trick. Every mechanical equipment did not work” he explained during the Sunday Service of Financial Speed.

“I said no way, my father (Bushiri) is going to sort out this problem” declared Moletsi.

In reaction, the convener declared: “Just like he (Bushiri) is about to sort your problems. That problem of yours is about to disappear today. You are going home free. God of Major 1 is about to visit you”.

After that ‘declaration’, the congregants responds in unison, saying: “I receive”.

“After praying with him, I asked the man to join me that night to go to our Papa. Come with me tonight, let’s go to Church, that is where your healing is”

The man attended the first service at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church on the 9th of May this year. After 3 weeks of attending the service, Prophet Bushiri prayed for him.

“Three weeks later, we were very much fortunate. The Major prophet located him (in the sick bay where all people seeking healing are housed after being registered by church ushers on their condition) and prayed for him. The man is healed now”.

During the same service, other patients who claimed to have been healed by the Malawian born prophet widely known as Major 1  also shared their testimonies of healing.

Bushiri, founder of the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church which is currently headquartered in South Africa, is said to have called on ‘doctors’ to certify some of the patients.

While Malawi24 could neither authenticate the legitimacy of the doctors nor their assessment, several people came forward with their own healing testimonies.

Rikhotso Right, a young man from Limpopo who is currently based in Johannesburg came forward to glorify the God of Major 1 for healing his lung problems.

A technical engineering student at South West Gauteng Technical and Vocational Education and Training College, Right explained how he was struggling from lung failure since childhood and that it was required of him to be on an oxygen generating machine for more than 18 hours every day.

“As you see me, I was a sick person. I was using an oxygen generation machine at home for 18 hours because I had a lung failure. I had to be connected to the oxygen machine to survive. I have been like that ever since I was born” said the 22-year old man.

On 1st of  July 2018, his grandmother brought him to ECG church. During this particular service, claims the church, Bushiri had called on doctors to test people after he had prayed for them.

“After Papa prayed for me, I have been feeling like a new person from that day. I was commanded to remove the machine. I started breathing by myself. I have never used an oxygen ever since” said Right, further claiming that he is now getting distinctions in his studies.

Several people connected with the miracles and healing, commenting “I connect” and “I receive Papa”.



  1. It doesn’t matter the type of comments,but one thing for sure is Major one is a true man of God ,he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone accept his creactor,Even the time of Moses it was the same.Who is an individual to judge God’s power.My Prophet Major one POWER!!!!!

  2. It doesn’t matter the type of comments,but one thing for sure is Major one is a true man of God ,he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone accept his creactor,Even the time of Moses it was the same.Who is an individual to judge God’s power.My Prophet Major one POWER!!!!!

  3. What ever devil can say is just foolish leave them, one day Papa they will come to look for you. Leave our prophet and believe on your devil you satan. I LOVE YOU MY FATHER MY PROPHET MY GOD OF MAJOR ONE, GOD MUST BLESS YOU SO MUCH

  4. Who is witch doctor? I don’t believe in fact prophet from Malawi are using tokoloshe.

  5. Major prophet Bushiri is a True man of God. U can mouth bad him but deeply u can see how many people he helped. Y a u still staying at home being sick . Stop listening to people. The life is yours . God of Major 1is good. Thanks

  6. Those who believe and take what PSB teaches and you implement in your spiritual connection are healed. PSB teaches the Word of God

  7. There is nothing Jesus cannot do what he did to everyone can also do to me
    Heal me also my father i am HIV postive from Namibia

  8. Will the prophet pray for my healing for the heart and every heart related diseases as swell as my skin condition. I also need a miracle of debt cancellation for 42.000.00 fiji dollars in the next one month lest the bank will repossess my car. Thank you so much major 1 for being the man God called you to be and showing us that storms may blow away some things in life but can never blow away the God of Major 1.


  10. If Bushiri is evil, as some of you that are “holy” say, please then, do a better and more powerful miracle so that we see the power of your God.

  11. Marketing strategy ,fake and lies , only fools will fall for this advertisement.

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