Dialogue with Muluzi is useless, all we want is Jane Ansah Must Fall: Mtambo snubs Bakili


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has thrown to the ground a call for dialogue from former President Bakili Muluzi over the incoming series of demonstrations against management of the May 21 elections.

The HRDC has been holding nationwide vigils aimed at forcing MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign accusing her of letting irregularities mar the elections.
But Muluzi wrote them earlier this week asking for a second meeting as the former president remains worried of protests now planned to take place in airports and borders.

Muluzi said in the letter that he feels that plan holds the possibility of creating chaos in the country.

But the HRDC has described the call as a manipulative meeting.

HRDC leader Timothy Mtambo said the motive behind this so called dialogue by Muluzi is suspicious.

The HRDC also feels that the silence expressed by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah and APM himself is dangerous in as far as this country’s direction is concerned.

“HRDC feels it wasted time engaging in manipulative dialogue that has no direction other than advancing one’s political agenda. HRDC welcomes the extended invitation by the former head of state Bakili Muluzi but being frank with each other here, the invitation itself leaves HRDC less desired hence not in its interest to comply.

He added: “This time around what HRDC is up for is not dialogue with Muluzi as per say , but strategically for the benefit of this nation Muluzi should address the Nation what transpired on the meeting he promised to have with Mutharika.

“Muluzi should to talk to Jane Ansah because that’s a straight forward issue rather than talking to HRDC. We wonder what Mutharika and Muluzi are afraid of to hear Jane Ansah has been fired”.

At the moment, the Constitutional Court is still hearing the case in which the MCP and UTM want the results that saw Peter Mutharika of the DPP win nullified.

The next planned protests are slated to take place from 26th to 30th August.

Previous demonstrations have received criticism for turning violent and the HRDC has accused police of fuelling them.



  1. This Mtambo guy is difficult to understand. The way he acts it’s as if he s a demon. The issue is in court why does he act as if he has a personal problem with JA. Or Someone is sponsoring him to be doing this shit. To this extent I don’t think he is fighting for Malawians. He has his own goals to achieve or he s got a Boss he is serving somewhere! This guy seems to be up to no good. … He surely needs deliverance

  2. Palibe chomwe tikuwona chomwe apurezideti wopuma doctor bakiri muluzi achita. Choyamba anakantha kuwafotokozera amalawi chomwe anakambirana pakati pa peter munthalika ndi muluzi. Pano akuyitanitsa HRDC kuti akambirane azikambirana chani.pakati pa janeh asah , amuluziwo komaso apeter munthalika akudziwana ndiye ife amalawi tikufuna chilungamo chidziwike tatopa ndikuponderezedwa tantha zaka zambiri mbiri tili ndi ufulu wodzilamulira koma palibe chomwe timalodza kuti koma ichi ndiye chinamangidwa. Olo kuti muwone likulu la malawi limachita kumvetsa chisoni. Tiyeni tidzuke amalawi ndikale lija

  3. Why is it that mtambo us arrogant????. What makes mtambo to closes his ears. Where this courage from.

    Am deeply concerned with his life