Shocking! T.B. Joshua is ‘using juju’

TB Joshua

Things did not end well for the man who accused Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) of employing devilish and diabolic powers to deceive a magnitude of people from all corners of the world.

Edafe Unoho was, at the time, in need of divine intervention for his drinking problem. He says he could not seek help from arguably Africa’s most humble prophet because people in drinking joins would describe the pastor as a magician.

TB Joshua
Does he use juju?

“I was possessed with a spirit that forced me to drink alcohol. The spirit would urge me to sleep with pro*stitutes. It would say: You have drink alcohol now, go find a girl to sleep with” he narrates in a clip shared by SCOAN’s Emmanuel TV.

Unoho says he nearly lost his job because of his behavior as he would “just disappear after getting his salary”.

The man says he had been possessed for over 17 years of chronic alcoholism and a drug addict. However, he refused to go for prayers at SCOAN due to what he had heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“I told my sister that I can not go to SCOAN because they say that man [T.B. Joshua] is a ritualist”.

Unoho’s sister was delivered from a spiritual husband who would sleep with her.

“But after being convinced by my sister, I tuned to Emmanuel TV and realised that my friends and I were wrong. That Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of God” he confesses, saying he had an encounter with Jesus Christ through the Morning Water that proved to be his turning point.



  1. The headline is misleading and sensational. The writers are not serious.

  2. You who criticize others, Who are you before God. Don’t condemn, So that you will not be condemned. Man of God. Remember us in prayer. The End shall tell.

  3. @Patrick Tan
    Scoan is located in Lagos state Nigeria in southwest of Africa, you can Emmanuel TV program online you will get their website or on youtube

  4. Blessed are you when people revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you…… Matthew 5:11-12

  5. Even our Lord Jesus christ not everyone believed on him yet he was send by God so what of tb Joshua. Like it is said by their fruit we shall know them for my own opinion tb Joshua is an anointed servant of God.

  6. Hey anyone got his or her own point of view but one thing is for sure if you not anointed you can go to Nazareth and perform what he does just few weeks back.
    How many men of God has gone there?

  7. Dear T Chimombe

    Thank you for telling us what you were doing with T. B. Joshua… practising together to be wolves in sheep skin. For me..I did not know.

    For one to know what one does, it means that they do it together.

    Probably your method has failed while his has succeeded. Go back to him and ask where you are missing it Mr. T. Chimombe.
    Good luck Sir, and please… keep us informed about the demaging things that might be coming to us.

    May the Lord God bless you for uncovering the wolves.

  8. Dearly prophet of God, I need a prayer, touch everything that makes me prosper in life and happiness in life, pray for me prophet I m in need of money to start operating my business ,I doing security job in Namibia but no enough money to buy tenders, uniforms, tools, (cleaning company) I need a miracle oo man of God

  9. People of God pls jst go check all over the world ,and see if u cn b able to find any man lyk prft TB.Joshua. This is a true man of God, is my only man who serves the Lord Jesus faithfully. B blessed man of God never b discouraged by failers or by yo opponents. Press on serve yo vision

  10. TB Joshua there is something hidden in him
    Which can be true or false
    So we have to taste his word and his action as Bible said.

  11. If he uses juju, you too can use muthi Muthi. No story. Blackmailer. Drunkard

  12. Really this man is the MAN OF GOD people can talk and talk.Other people are jealous about how Joshua help the world may God blessed him and gives him more Power to help poor people.He is not a liar. Amen

  13. He is a soothsayer, a necromancer
    He is not a man of God
    An enchanter
    A fox in sheep’s clothing

  14. Hi, I am from Singapore. A little island city state in Asia. I came to know about Prophet T B Joshua through the social media. Ever since knowing about how the man of God, I have been wishing that I could one day be able to see him in person. However, I really do not know to go about it. I don’t know if this text could help, but I really hope I could see him in person.

  15. He is a true men of God. I’m from Cape Town but not a day passes for me without watching. He is blessed. So humble. A sense of humor to die for. May God Strengthen him on this journey of changing ppls life’s.

  16. Dear br.joshua

    I felt in financial problems.please pray for me and my family.please pray brother.amen.


  17. God should always bless prophet T.B Joshua for all the great job that he is doing to help, by healing the multitudes of people world worldwide. He is a humble man, like moses of the bible, very true , full of love and very helpful to poor people. He is not ambitious with things, does not show or boost himself on what he has. He is the best example of the prophet that God give us all. May The Almighty God bless him and give him more spiritual poor to keep on healing the most needy, helping those in the jaws of Satan. Amen

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