Anti-Ansah demos should be held once every two months – Vendors

Vendors in Lilongwe have held protests demanding authorities to limit anti-Justice Jane Ansah demonstrations to once every two months.

Vendors marching in Lilongwe

The vendors marched in the city this morning to show dissatisfaction with protests which the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has been organising.  The HRDC demonstrations are aimed at forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

In a petition presented at Lilongwe City Council, the traders said the HRDC protests are disrupting their businesses as customers do not go to markets and the traders lose merchandise through theft.

According to the vendors, they are now failing to take care of their families and pay rent or school fees since their businesses are not doing well.

The group of vendors has since asked the council to change the routes for the Anti-Ansah demonstrations to allow vendors conduct their businesses freely.

They also want the council to limit HRDC to one day of demonstrations every two months so that the vendors can conduct business peacefully.

According to the traders, they will hold vigils at the civic offices if the council fails to meet their demands.

Fresh Anti-Ansah demonstrations are expected to be held tomorrow as the HRDC continues to push the MEC chairperson out of office.

The group and opposition parties accuse Ansah of failing to manage the May 21 elections which they say were rigged in favour of President Peter Mutharika.

Previous demonstrations were marred by violence as protesters looted shops and blocked roads.

HRDC has always defended itself saying criminals take advantage of the demonstrations to steal people’s property.