Teargas again in Blantyre: Police, striking court workers in running battles


Police have been forced to fire teargas after striking judiciary workers started rioting at the High Court in Blantyre.

The members of the judiciary downed tools on Tuesday demanding improved terms of conditions and asking for the resignation of the Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Registrar Agnes Patemba.

They accuse the two of neglecting their concerns over improved conditions of services.

They also want the conditions of service to only be drafted by the parliament.

And this morning in Blantyre, police dispersed the irate judiciary staff at the court near Polytechnic before a fracas broke out.

The staff were seen running for their lives although others were seen to be involved in scuffles with some officers.

Drama then ensued as some judiciary workers headed to the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) camp for what they say is seeking help against police officers whom they accuse of ill-treatment.

Lately, in the post elections vigils, MDF officers have been touted for a no nonsense approach by not allowing police officers, as seen in trending videos, to mistreat people during protests.