Chilima says Mutharika should condemn demo violence

UTM Leader Saulos Chilima says President Peter Mutharika should condemn suspected Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who damaged property and attacked protesters in Blantyre.

The former Vice President made the remarks in Lilongwe where he joined demonstrators who are demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

In Blantyre, suspected cadets attacked protesters and stormed Malawi Congress Party (MCP) offices.

In his reaction on the issue, Chilima said that it is unfortunate that the ruling party is found of harassing people.

He also noted that Blantyre City Assembly rejected the Human Rights Defender Coalition’s (HRDC) request to hold demonstrations in the city and allowed the DPP to carry out their activities as if Blantyre belongs to the party not Malawians.

“My message to Professor Peter Mutharika is that he should tell his people to stop because that’s what leadership is, people are becoming violent and damaging other people’s property,” Chilima explained.

The UTM leader then stated that the protesters are not afraid of anyone and they will continue with the vigils until MEC’s chairperson Jane Ansah resign.

In his remarks, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera encouraged the protesters saying their efforts will not go in vain as joy will come in the morning.

Chakwera added that the protesters are the masterminders who can bring change to this country and end corruption, nepotism and tribalism.

Meanwhile, protesters in Lilongwe have gathered outside Parliament Building where they will be conducting their vigils up to tomorrow.

Musicians such as Lucius Banda have been booked to entertain the demonstrators tonight.


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  1. Chilima is really one confused dood! He , Chilima who stands on a podium and says to his followers “osaopa”, sitileka ife ai! Pitlizani ma demosnartions!” Now he turns round and say APM should stop the Demos!!!! The man is confused beyond description!!! Chilima did not know that he is planting anarchy!

    Let me tell you Saulos even if you were by some chance able to take over GOVT today you will struggle because you have planted the seeds! APM will control you all when the court hearing is over don’t worry!!! You will be controlled dont worry! You are lucky you are dealing with a gentleman!!! You have no powers to sack anybody in Malawi! There is a process that needs to be followed!!!

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