No Major threat: Botswana says Bushiri allegations are baseless

Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri can now afford a smile.

Botswana government says allegations that Prophet Bushiri is a security threat to the country are “baseless” and that his travelling restrictions will be lifted.

Shepherd Bushiri

Bushiri was banned from travelling to Botswana without seeking prior authorisation, saying the Prophet was a threat to the country.

Botswana’s the then president Ian Khama showed Prophet Bushiri, fondly called Major One,  a red card over “security concerns”.

But Botswana’s Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) director-general Peter Matold said allegations against the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church “were baseless”.

The chief spy said there was no evidence that Prophet Bushiri was a security threat to the country.

“We felt some of the allegations were baseless and we want to ensure government is not condemned internationally for being antagonistic. We believe this was wrong and needs to be corrected and that will be reflected in our quarterly report that will be presented to the president,” said the spy master.

The 36-year-old controversial pastor who faces alleged money laundering and fraud charges in South Africa has been unable to visit his ECG branches in Botswana since 2017 after Khama’s government marked him “persona non grata”.

It is estimated that Bushiri has thousands of members and followers in Botswana resulting in millions of church offerings and donations for the prophet.

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislator Sadique Kebonang who has all along been defending Bushiri said that government’s decision to place travelling restriction on the pastor was “based on poor intelligence”.



  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must and will be preached world-wide, seretse was wrong and God bless the new government for making such good decisions.the Prophet can now come and deliver Botswana .For the Bible say touch not the annoited and do my prophets no harm.

  2. I agree with with u sons and daughters. Of our father major one.. They will not win.. The were fighting a loose battle.

  3. If your God is dead, contact the God of Major 1. The same yesterday, today and forever.
    Persecutions are bread for us to chew. Jesus is Lord

  4. A true prophet from God must accused because Jesus our father was accused. Prophet, be strong, remained focus in the lord ,God is with you to the end weather the world
    like u or not. I love so much .you are a true prophet of our generation.

  5. No human can’t win to fight Grace.for my Papa keep trying him but you will be the loser cz u don’t know what you don’t know Grace

  6. Who killed the Malawi gospel singer? Is it true that Bushiri and his husband were behind his death because he wanted to expose satanic

  7. God in full control, no weapons set against you shall prosper, behind you papa major 1.

  8. So many evil fraudulent fake pastors in the church ministry making money for themselves from their brainless gullible idolisers.

  9. No prophet shall not be accused so papa i’l nd be buried next to u

    Its all in the name gospel tht u accused…not because u r a bad person…i love u RABI

  10. The only thing that i know ” No one on this earth can fight the grace and win”………My Spiritual father Major 1 is the true man of God the true Prophet of our generation

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