Malawi has more people with albinism than projected


The 2018 Population and Housing Census (PHC) has revealed that Malawi has more persons with albinism than the projected 17,000.

Results of the census released last month show that Malawi has 134,636 persons with albinism representing 0.8 percent of Malawi’s total population which is at 17,563,749.

Persons with albinism in Malawi

The census was conducted by the National Statistical Office last year.

It found that out of the total population of persons with albinism, 65,366 are male while 69,270 are female.

In the Northern Region, there are 17,165 while 58,509 are in Central Region and 58,962 live in the Southern Region.

Person with albinism living in urban areas are 17,156 while 117,480 live in rural areas.

On age groups, results of the population census revealed that the highest number of people with albinism (31,962) is on the age group 0-4 years.

The are 21,342 persons with albinism on age group 5-9 years, 6,377 on age group Ages 40 to 44 years while 844 people are aged between 70 and 74.

Persons with albinism are born with lighter skin, hair and eye color which makes them sensitive to bright light.

In Malawi, persons with albinism face extinction as they are killed for their body parts which some people wrongly believe bring good luck.

Since 2014, 150 cases of killings, attacks and other violations against persons with albinism have been reported in Malawi.