Rapper Elegant surfaces with new song titled Akutiona


For over a decade now Malawian hip-hop scenes have been dominated by rappers from two cities namely Blantyre and Lilongwe, with a few from Zomba and Mzuzu.

However, things are changing with more rappers emerging from other parts of Malawi. Just few days ago, we witnessed the surfacing of a rapper called Elegant, the Mzuzu based rapper who has since promised more fireworks and says he is looking forward to be called the king of Malawi hip-hop first from the Northern Region.

Elegant: eying international market

Elegant’s new song titled Akutiona was released on Monday and is getting massive airplays from various radio stations.

Speaking in an interview, the rapper said he is expecting the song to put him on a good level on the local scenes and break boundaries.

“My plan is not only to be the best in Malawi but also represent Malawi on international market as well as host big artists from outside Malawi as a way of motivating and giving hope to different masses,” he added.

Akutiona is Elegant’s third single of his music career. He became partially known with his first song called Go Konko featuring Zyuga and produced by Mwanie.

The new song talks about how people do bad things to others and sin against God while forgetting that God is seeing everything we are doing on earth.

Elegant explains his musical journey to come from his old time friend.

“I started as a Beat maker at college. I always knew I had the talent but didn’t know what to talk about through music until I met a friend, Chinthabwila who came as a recording artist. He was very interested in my beats and voice recording. Before every session we would freestyle until one day he day he thought of putting me in a song and that was the genesis of everything,” he said.

Akutiona is available for downloads on both Malawi Music and Mikozi Network websites.