ANC Youth League prays at Bushiri church for blessings: Tells members to go and vote


The African National Congress (ANC) executive members from the youth league fellowshipped with the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church on Sunday during the Big Sunday service.

ECG leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri recognized and welcomed the comrades in the house and further invited the head of delegation Rhulani Thembi Siweya to the pulpit to extend her greetings to the church at large.

She said: “We are here today to celebrate with you, and we want to extend the celebration to yourselves.”

She further mentioned that as the ANC Youth members, they came to ECG to celebrate their rights as black people because in the history of this country, it was not easy to gather as a church and celebrate freely at any time. She emphasized that it is very important as Christians to gather together and celebrate our rights to worship our God the best way we see fit.

“Your rights should be defended. You must continue to worship your God the way you see fit, and that right is brought to you by the government of the day”, she said.

She further the Prophet and the church to pray for the government and leaders of the country to lead their people well.

“The church is a very important integral part of our democracy. The church has always played a role in guiding leaders. We are requesting for prayers. Pray for our people to lead well”, she requested.

Lastly, she advised the church members to defend themselves by responding to the call which was made by the government of the day, to go and exercise their rights on the May 8 by choosing who must lead them.

Prophet Bushiri also showed gratitude to the ANC and encouraged his church members to vote for the political party of their own choice on the 08th of May.



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