I am the rigging expert – insists Chilima

United Transformation Movement

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima continues to insist that no-one can beat him and his UTM at rigging insisting they are experts of technologies used for rigging.

In an exclusive interview with Times Television on Monday, the UTM torchbearer said on matters of rigging and technology, his team is second to none.

“Truth be told, no one can beat us on [rigging] technology” said Chilima.

In all his rallies, Chilima has been saying that those plotting to rig are amateurs as he is the kingpin.

“Ndi mafana aang’ono (they are amateurs) of rigging”.

United Transformation Movement
Rigging experts

In this interview with Times, he wrongly claimed that there were other parties “are saying they will rig the vote” when he is the only person of the other four parties that are driving the rigging agenda.

One analysist noted that this could be Chilima’s strategy to divert attention of the public from other parties.

“Chilima needs to be put on a litmus test. He is making claims that other parties are plotting to rig. He is in fact the first person who made those allegations. Yet, in that [Times] interview he claimed there are other politicians who have said that they will rig.

“Yet, when you fact-check rallies of all leading political parties, it is only Chilima who draws out these allegations. What if he wants us to focus on other parties when he is the one plotting to rig?” wondered one political activist, Danwell Chirwa.

The Malawi Electoral Commission and other political parties represented in Parliament also criticized Saulos Chilima for making unsubstantiated claims.



  1. Cant u see that this guy is afraid dats why he he saying all these? I am very much a ware that this guy is not an politician but a comedian but to those who are matured in politics he z far away for being a president of malawi

  2. A Malawi24 tamakhalaniko serious nthawi zina. Mumazionongelanji mbili yanu ngati asinthankhani osati atolankhani? Plz be neutral in ur facts presentation. Mabwana anunso ndi ofoila kumasunga atolankhani ngati mukulemba mbwelelazinu.

  3. This guy is reminding me that if he becomes president he will use his technology art to take money and not traced. IAM very worried bcz he seems ready to make me poor n poor as I pay him lots of money via tax. He is not working or show good example of government employee. Make God help Malawi

  4. Its strange, why didn’t you name the reporter who wrote this? And on Monday chilima didn’t had an interview with times

  5. He wants to rig , utm is useless party . It will never win

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