Northern, Central Regions warned to expect thunderstorms

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned of   thunderstorms in the Central and Northern Regions from Sunday March 24 to Wednesday this week.

Nkhokwe: signed the statement

According to the department, areas in the two regions are likely to experience scattered to widespread thunderstorms which will be locally heavy and accompanied by thunder and lightning over the four days.

The department issued the heavy rain alert in a statement Sunday signed by Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe.

On weather from Thursday 28 March to Sunday 31st March 2019, the department said most areas in the south and central areas will experience cool weather condition associated with patchy rain drizzle and fog particularly over highlands while most of northern areas are likely to experience scatter to widespread rainfall due to the presence of ITCZ.

Meanwhile, Malawians have been encouraged to take advantage of any rains to carry out rainwater harvesting and to plant trees to enhance reduction of future hazards such as floods and strong winds whose severity and frequency continue to increase due to climate change.