Mboro, Bushiri fight

The friendship between Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng is hanging on the balance as the latter accuses the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) leader of circulating photos of Mboro in ‘heaven’ where he allegedly took selfies with God and Jesus.

On Tuesday, Mboro stormed Tshwane Events Centre which houses ECG church to look for Bushiri in order to get a written decree that the story about Motsoeneng going to heaven where he saw Jesus sleeping with a Xhosa woman was orchestrated by ECG team to defame him.

“There has been a smear campaign against me that prophet Mboro went to heaven, saw Jesus [sleeping] with a Xhosa woman and sold the pictures for the heaven issue and so on,” said Mboro while rejecting the story as fake.

“I never went to heaven, I never sold pictures.” he said before claiming that investigations had established that Bushiri team orchestrated the story to tarnish Mboro’s reputation and that Bushiri had since come out publicly to apologise.

Mboro said that he felt the need to set the record straight again after being called out for condemning Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau’s resurrection stunt. Mboro laid a fraud charge against Lukau.

“[People] are saying how does prophet Mboro condemn fake resurrection, yet he is selling the pictures, he is also scamming people,” Motsoeneng told media.

Motsoeneng, who wanted to gain entry into the Tshwane Events Centre to meet with Bushiri, was stopped by security guards who told him Bushiri was not there.

After mending fences, Mboro has been in the media defending Prophet Bushiri who currently faces fraud and money laundering charges.

Mboro also defended Bushiri against calls to have the Malawian born prophet deported following a stampede at ECG church that killed three people and left several congregants seriously injured.


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