Prophet Bushiri responds to Malawi24 story with scholarships for stranded students

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has adopted 15 students at Mchinji Secondary School following a Malawi24 story about a boy forced out of school due to lack of fees.

On Monday, Bushiri’s team announced the bursary scheme for the 15 boys at Mchinji Secondary School.

The 15 students were currently out of school because their respective guardians could not keep up with meeting their user fees.

Last month, Malawi24 reported about one intelligent but disadvantaged Mayamiko Paul from T/A Mavwere, 15, just loafing at home because his struggling mother couldn’t keep up paying his school fees.

Mayamiko and hi mother receiving learning materials

The story moved Prophet Bushiri and he instructed his Malawi team to consider helping the boy.

“He was touched to note that for Mayamiko to be in school during the first term, his mother had to sublease her small customary land at a cost of K50 000. You can see zeal from the mother to see her child realise his education dream,” said Prophet Bushiri’s communications director, Ephraim Nyondo.

At Mchinji Secondary School, Bushiri’s team learnt that, actually, there are just too many Mayamikos needing help there. So the Prophet instructed his team to adopt 15.

Speaking about the prophet’s gesture, Mayamiko’s mother and guardians of the 14 other students were happy and very thankful to Prophet Bushiri to the hand.

“This can only be God. I am seeing the hand of God stretched out to us through Prophet Bushiri. Though I have never met him, please one of these days help me meet him so that I officially extend my gratitude,” said Mayamiko’s mother on Monday in Mchinji during the handover ceremony.

Under the bursary scheme, the 15 students will pay user fees for the students from the current term to the time they graduate in Form Four.

He also will give the students moderate ‘pocket money’ every term to help them meet emerging needs, a new uniform pack and school bag each academic year and earning materials such as pens, mathematical instruments and notebook.

Meanwhile, Prophet Bushiri has already squared the user fees of the 15 students for the current and next term.



  1. I’m really very thankful to what the prophet has done.I’m also one of the needy student at Catholic University.I’ll indeed be grateful if God directs the prophet to me.I’ve failed to attend this year’s semester because of the school fees.May God continue blessing the prophet.

  2. Thats Human heart . To adopt and educate a child is not simple . Papa we are greatful . We don’t take it easy but God Himself will continue rewarding you . Many Malawians also back home should take this good gesture man of God has shown . Many Churches and Mosques which also started such programs to take an opportunity from man of God to poor more money to stranded students all over Malawi. Helping poor people including students is the duty of every Malawian. Some people think of government as only source of help . If we talk of government we mean all Malawians together . We all form government . If PaPa Bushiri give a hand and we do a helping hand ,we form a government . Blessed is the hand that giveth. We hope to meet PaPa to give him a token of Appreciation for becoming a True Citizen In Time of Need(TCTN).May God bless us All.

  3. I would like to thank Prophet Bushiri through this column for supporting these needy students at Mchinji secondary school. I did mention some prominent people to come in to help. If i had money could have done something similar. Many thanks indeed the Prophet

  4. This is what we want people of GOD to be doing sizama drama zija zoyenda mmwamba zija or izi zozusa malirozi or zoyenda paphewa pa anthu

  5. Thanks to prophet bushiri .for helping the students in need May the good Lord bless u in millions.

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