JB turns down Chilima apologies


People’s Party (PP) president Joyce Banda turned down UTM leader Saulos Chilima’s apologies after the fallout of their coalition.

The two parties entered into a coalition in January and Chilima was expected to lead the alliance as its presidential candidate.

UTM Coalition

No more!

Banda revealed last month that the two parties held negotiations for several months after Chilima approached the former Malawi leader in September.

According to Banda, Chilima offered the PP a 50/50 structure from the Presidency all the way down but after the deal was sealed the Malawi vice president refused to meet certain terms of the agreement.

Banda wanted her son Roy Kachale to become Chilima’s runningmate but the UTM leader chose Micheal Usi who is a member of his party.

When it became obvious that Kachale had been snubbed, Banda pulled out of the alliance saying Chilima’s refusal to have PP represented in the Presidency was unjust, and a violation of the initial pledge.

However, Chilima still wants a coalition with PP and has been trying to approach Banda for negotiations.
PP spokesperson Ackson Kalaile said Chilima went to Banda’s residence to apologise but was turned down.

“Do you know SKC has been sent away thrice on Dr Joyce Banda’s gate apologising? Does that mean we are endorsing SKC?,” said Kalaile on Facebook after being asked if Joyce Banda has endorsed Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera.