Mwenefumbo cautions politicians against using people with albinism to woo voters


United Democratic front (UDF) running mate Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has taken a swipe at his fellow politicians for using people with albinism to score political mileages ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections in May.

Mwenefumbo’s remarks come amid increased cases of abduction of people with albinism in recent weeks in the country with two abductions being reported in the past 6 weeks alone in Karonga and Dedza district.

Mwenifumbo (L) says govt should release K5 bilion to end attacks on persons with albinism

Speaking at a political rally at Karonga Freedom Park, the UDF runningmate said it was unfortunate that some politicians are going on the podium to use people with albinism to advance their political agendas.

He said Malawians are tired of hearing politicians talk tough on the attacks of people with albinism without giving solutions.

“It’s unfortunate that we are politicising the lives of our fellow Malawians with albinism just for some politicians to score points and we must stop that and focus on bringing tangible solutions to end this evil act,” chirped Mwenefumbo.

According to the UDF running mate, politicians have been entrusted with Malawians’ resources hence the K3.1 billion that has been allocated by the government towards the National Action Plan for dealing with the attacks must be increased.

“We are demanding government release K5 billion and empower the intelligence units at the army and police to immediately  embark on capturing those who are killing people with albinism, this is national security hence we need to stop politicizing this issue,” he said.

Turning to the 2019 polls, Mwenefumbo expressed gratitude to people of the north for their unwavering support during the rallies he has held.

He therefore said he will leave no stone unturned in going round all parts of the country to advance the ideologies of UDF and the candidature of Atupele Muluzi.


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