Minister Mhango leads ground-breaking ceremony for house of person with albinism


Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango on Thursday presided over a ground-breaking ceremony for a house for the family of Noriana Mhango, a two year old child with albinism who survived an abduction attempt last week at Chitimba Rumphi.

During the event, Mhango called on communities to work hand in hand with the government in combating the abductions and killings of people with albinism.

Mhango performs ground breaking for the house

Mhango said if the communities, the government and the police can work together the problem at hand can be addressed.

He added that it is the duty of each and every Malawian to make sure that people with albinism are protected, saying government cannot combat this fight alone as people in the community are the ones who act as watchdogs for the government.

“The first security must come from community member and that is why government emphasises the need for us to have community policing structures within the localities to help protect these venerable groups,” said Mhango

Mhango then added to say the DPP led government under the leadership of  President Mutharika is very committed and shall do all it can to make sure that people with albinism are receiving all the required security.

He appealed to the families and relatives to people with albinism to be on the forefront and ensure that their family members with albinism are protected.

Rumphi Police station Officer in-charge Ulemu Kaluwa said his office is geared to give twenty four hours protection to people with albinism,

“Currently we have data of all people with albinism in the district and we know where are they are residing, this is one of the steps we are currently taking to ensure that our brother and sisters are safe. We are working hand in hand with the communities and chiefs,” said Kaluwa.

The minister also presented some assorted items for the two year child to the family which included clothes and skin protection lotion.

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika has pledged to pay a K5 million reward for any report leading to the arrest and prosecution of anyone hatching plans to abduction and killing of persons with albinism.