Female aspirants praise NGO for raising their platform

50-50 campaign

Female candidates for parliamentary and council seats in Nsanje South Constituency have praised Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of Democracy (YCD) for creating a platform for them to unfold their manifestos for their respective areas.

The aspirants commended YCD on Saturday at Nyachirenda School where the organization organized a football bonanza to mobilize the electorate to hear from their aspirants what they will do if they are voted into power.

50-50 campaign
50-50 campaign is promoting female aspirants

One of the aspirants Gloria Irene Ntopi, who is contesting on the position of an MP said the efforts that YCD has made are an indication that 50-50 will triumph come 21 May, 2019.

“We don’t have doubts that as women of this area we will carry the day because of the response that people have shown towards messages of YCD and how they positively responded to this bonanza it’s clear that messages are being driven home,” said Ntopi.

Ntopi added that the community is aware of 50-50 messages and what remains of them is to make sure that they make an effort to infiltrate them deeper until a wide range of the community section accept that women are able.

In an interview, Francis Folley, YCD Executive Director, said they are overwhelmed with the response the community is giving saying this is stimulating his organization to pump in more resources and invent new approaches to serve the women.

“This is good news seeing this gathering on the male dominated territory, it is inspiring us to do more so that the 50-50 campaign becomes reality,” said Folley.

Other females who shared their satisfaction for what YCD are doing are Mary Alyson and Mercy Blame of MCP and Leah Chipondeni of UTM.