Youth date parliamentary candidates over manifestos


With three months remaining to the tripartite polls, youths in Chiradzulu are on March 16, 2019, set to date parliamentary candidates on their manifestos on youth development.

It is expected that at the end of the sole interfaces which will take one week, the candidates will sign memorandum of understanding with the youths.

In an interview, Chairman of Chiradzulu Youth Network, Greevein Manusha, said it is now or never for the youths to demand meaningful development from the politicians.

Manusha said unlike in the previous elections when youths were used as campaign tools, this time around they want to do things differently, by engaging aspirants to include them in their manifestos.

“Chiradzulu has a high rate of unemployment among youths owing to poverty and lack of business capital. So we hope by engaging our parliamentary hopefuls through a Service Charter, they will be able to live up to their promises, once voted into power,” he said.

Manusha further said after the elections, the Youth Network will follow up with the elected MPs on their pledges, to ensure delivery of the same.

Basically, the Youths are pressing for business loans, vocational skills and capital as well as job opportunities.

On football competitions; usually used as campaign gimmicks, Manusha said the Youths want well laid-down-procedures that would ensure sports career development among them, other than playing football for pleasure.

The 23-member Youth Network is yet to meet the District Commissioner on the issue but has already got a nod from the District Youth Officer.

Meanwhile, the Chairman has advised his fellow youths to scrutinize all manifestos and elect only those leaders who are committed to youth empowerment.