#ChilimaChallenge: SKC trolled over tractor stunt

Michael Usi

UTM leader Saulosi Chilima will go down the drain as one of the politicians to show prowess on various stunts that stimulate social media storms.

Spanning from his use of proverbs and idioms to the use of a catapults and so forth.

On Wednesday as he was presenting his nomination papers, little did people know he had yet another surprising act hidden under his sleeve.

Having gotten the nod from MEC officials in the presidential race and introducing Michael Usi as running mate, Chilima had a scintillating wave of a stunt for those gathered outside the Comesa Conference Centre.

He jumped into a tractor along with Usi, a move that earned huge and echoing ululations across the compound. Photos of the two riding the tractor wearing a protective helmets with Chilima on the steering wheel went viral on social media.

A huge chunk of UTM followers bragged about their president being a guy of new stunts and antics.

But social media zealots were not to let Chilima, SKC as he is fondly called, to get off scot-free as they pounced on the Malawi Vice President.

Critics of the same posted pictures of other politicians who have done the same and in the end describing Chilima’s move as not surprising at all.

The initial photos showed former US president Barrack Obama and South African vocal politician Julius Malema in tractors also.

But on the peak of it all is people are now trolling the UTM torchbearer with photos of themselves emulating Chilima and Usi in what has now become the #Chilimachallenge as photos below capture.

Challenge accepted



















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