He has more energy: JB throws weight behind Chilima

UTM Coalition

Former President Joyce Banda says she will not vie for any position during the 2019 elections and will support Vice President Saulos Chilima.

UTM Coalition
Banda and Chilima have joined forces

Banda’s People’s Party last week entered into an alliance with Chilima’s UTM as well as Aford and Tikonze People’s Movement.

Speaking to the BBC, Banda said she believes Chilima can lead Malawi head of state and she will give him her support.

“I am 68, I have done my part for my country. I have been cabinet minister, vice president and president. I have looked around and said this person has more energy than I have. What I can do is to support him to get to the destination.

“I can provide support, I don’t even have to be on the ticket,” Banda said.

Asked why she has joined forces with Chilima who in 2014 was on the same ticket with President Peter Mutharika, Banda said UTM and PP have similar ideology and agenda hence it was not necessary to go in different directions.

“There have been times when Chilima has gone and given a speech, and in another part of the country I have gone and given a speech and people say did you compare notes. Which means the issues that matter to him are the issues that matter to me.

“When you look at that then you sit down and say is it necessary for us to be running in different directions. Can’t we bring the people together, to move together for this cause and get into government,” she said.

On conflict in the coalition, Banda said disagreements cannot be avoided but she will be the person to hold everybody together.

She said: “In my case, I am not going to be number, I am not going to be number two.  All I will do is run around and campaign. I hope I can play the role of ensuring that we avoid conflict.”


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  1. Who is Joice Banda?
    A JC holder, no msce, no diploma, and a former Secretary. Ndiponso eoziwa kulana amuma a eni ske

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