Gwamba, Martse in a cold war


Surprises will never end indeed in the wake of a war of words involving Malawi’s two top musicians Gwamba and Martse who have been good friends for years.

Screenshot of Gwamba and Martse’s twitter excahnge

The two were all over Twitter two days ago as they dressed each other down, increasing traffic to their tweets. While the cyber fight was heightening, Gwamba surrendered.

Martse initiated the fight by speaking ill about his friend for failure to buy him a cellphone he had requested. This awakened the fury of Gwamba who reminded the Mwano hit maker about what he did for him.

“Boy, I have sponsored 3 of your music videos, never told anyone, cuz I was doing that as a friend. You ask me to buy you a phone and I don’t and you decide to start insulting me on twitter. You should have asked your father for the phone,” said Gwamba

Then Martse came back gun blazing with a reputation damaging revelation. He responded, “I have sponsored 2 of yo pregnancies.”

The cold war has attracted many comments from their followers with people taking different sides. While others are blaming Nkhata for acting childish, others feel Gwamba’s reaction contradicts his prayerful life.

However, some fans believe the fight is not real but only a strategy which the two used to make headlines.