Chilima’s one million jobs in tatters

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The promise of one million jobs that Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima made is currently in tatters.

Economists and social commentators have mauled Chilima for  what they say is unrealistic and unworkable promise for a country of Malawi’s economic outlook. The economists have accused Chilima of brandishing before desperate unemployed electorates with unrealistic promises just to win votes.

“Chilima is actually more of a ‘quack’, than a realistic solution to the problems that our country is facing. This is why he failed to provide details of how he plans to transform Malawi’s economy to sprout a million jobs”, Happy Chirwa, told one of the local media.

Chirwa said for Chilima’s dream to become a reality, the president will have to set up over 250 companies like Illovo to be fully operational in the country.

“Illovo, one of the largest and most successful companies in Malawi only employs 4 thousand people. But Illovo is not a new company. It has been in Malawi for more than five decades. Within its first year of operation, the sugar manufacturing company did not employ all the 4 thousand people” said Chirwa.

He added: “Economists will tell you that it is impossible to establish 250 companies of the size of Illovo in one year. That is where the 1 million jobs lie… lies”.

Chirwa likened the Chilima promise to President Bakili Muluzi’s offer to buy a pair of shoes for each and every person in Malawi while campaigning for 1994 presidential race.

“Like Muluzi who hit back at people who demanded shoes and asked Muluzi to walk his talk, Chilima will coil and walk back on his promise should he win in 2019. However, when that happens, it will be too late for desperate Malawians who are buying this lie”.

The vice president, who conceded in an interview with BBC last month that he was guilty as charged on accusations of draining taxpayers’ money while absconding work, has also been slammed for pledging to create a MK40 billion revolving fund that will give K200 thousand (US$270) to two hundred thousand emerging entrepreneurs as business capital.

“What sort of business can someone start with $270? His argument is that each of these 200 thousand people will employ 5 people. with this same US$270. This is actually just tragicomedy. There is no way a business with that miniature capital can flourish in our economy as well as employ 5 people with a good monthly perk to survive.

SKC UTM Malawi
Chilima caught with pants down

“It’s disgusting that we have allowed such unethical promises to be made by desperate politicians” noted Blessings Tembo, a social commentator from Nsanje.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which Chilima dumped in June, has also accused the vice president of making promises that the Mutharika regime is already implementing.

DPP called out Chilima when he offered to legalise medical marijuana at a UTM rally in Nkhotakota, a district widely known to be the great haven for cannabis.

While one of Africa’s top leading business juggernauts, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, said, in a rare and unexpected social media chat he had with local Malawians on Facebook last month that Malawi will not transform with a change of leadership.

Chilima says he’s absconding work




  1. Malawians who have not been to school DO NOT DESERVE to be cheated either!!! They are the very people who need protection and direction!! It is unrealistic to think you can create a business in Malawi with 270 dollars! ridiculous! people are desperate in Malawi and its cruel to lie to them like this!!! Bakili did the same! when you behave like that that’s when I doubt the genuineness of your intentions!you just want to get in as president and that implies that what your agenda is , can’t possibly be to help Malawians but to help yourself!

    No cheating every Malawian deserves to be told the truth. As a Malawian I am not convinced about this job creation cloud cook -land dream! we need realistic solutions directed by proper statesmen. I would have respected him more if he had stopped using Malawi’s Tax payers money while he is not running the office of VP. That would have shown integrity! lies!lies! just to get the presidency!!!!

  2. 1 million jobs in a year in a foolish joke. Charles usapusitsike creating a million jobs is not like what you think. Understand the writer well. Illovo has only 4000 employees who were employed over the years not just a year. Majority of its workers are largely labourers. Osamanamizana apa. Nkulu ameneyi ngwa bodza kwambiri.

  3. The fact is that right now dpp is better than what you call chilima movement , if chilima wine 2019 Malawi will be completely destroyed am not dpp either but we must choose very carefully if we truly love our country , we have young people in Malawi better than him

  4. Alright we hear you Chilima is a quack as you put it so pliz who should Malawians believe or listen? Who has got true vision for Malawi?

  5. It is clear that the writer of the article, Aubrey Makina, is DPP sponsored and is on their payroll. Many Malawians listened to the BBC interview and at no time did Chilima say he was absconding from work. Please cheat those Malawians who have never been to school. The one million jobs will not solely come from companies employing people but includes self employed ones. It is indeed possible to create a million jobs in a year. If you have nothing to write about then the best thing is to avoid doing so. Leave our Chilima alone! Write about the DPP thefts.

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