Pastor jailed for pulling man’s penis


A court in Lilongwe has sentenced on Friday sentenced a 29-year-old unordained pastor to four years in prison for pulling another man’s penis with a string.

The convict Joel Jameson assaulted the complaint only identified as Banda after accusing him of stealing a solar torch.  court

Jameson was jailed after being found guilty of act intended to cause grievous harm contrary to section 235(a) of the penal code.

The Nkukula Magistrate Court heard through police prosecutor Charity Munkhondya that on October 15 this year Jameson accused Banda of stealing his solar torch.

In the process, Jameson undressed the complainant and dipped him in a well.

After the complainant was pulled from the well, Jameson started assaulting Banda and tied a string to his penis and started pulling it.

Munkhodya said the complainant was also asked to climb a tree while naked but was rescued by well-wishers.

The prosecutor therefore pleaded with the court for a stiff punishment because the action by the accused person was inhuman and that what he did affected the complainant psychologically.

Munkhondya also added that it was not the duty of the accused person to punish the complainant saying he should have handed him over to police for the law to take its course.

In mitigation, Jameson pleaded with the court to be lenient saying he is a pastor who awaits to be ordained and that his act was the work of the devil.

Passing judgement, first grade magistrate Diana Mangwana handed Jameson a four year sentence to deter others from taking the law in their hands.

Joel Jameson hails from Dzidzi village, traditional authority Kayembe in Kasungu district and is currently at Maula prison serving his jail term.