Tay can afford a grin as Lubwa enjoys Trace Africa airtime

Tay Grin

Malawi`s award winning artist Tay Grin is the face that can hardly go missing on Trace Television Africa at the moment as his video for Lubwa trends on the platform.

Tay dropped the audio for Lubwa in May and the video in August. Since the initial release, Lubwa has been a club banger in Malawi.

The video airs on the international platform frequently, much to the satisfaction of Malawians. Others have argued that quality guarantees Grin the recognition.

Tay Grin
Tay Grin: can afford to smile

Despite some quarters criticizing the song soon after release for egoistic lyrics, the feedback has been very positive with regards to quality in the work. Both the audio and video are claimed to have been skillfully produced.

Among other attractive features of Lubwa video, Dr Jean Kalilani who is Tay Grin`s mother cameos in the work.

This is not the first time for Tay Grin to have such an impact on an international platform having started appearing on DSTV music channels as far back as 2007.