State House quashes fake MW-TZ fuel deal

Mgeme Kalirani

Malawi State House has distanced itself from ‘thieves’ who have been posing as the State House office and managed to swindle a Tanzanian company $US20, 000 which is equivalent to

The fake letter.

K14.5 million.

State House spokesperson, Mgeme Kalilani, says The Tanzanian Mission has since asked the Malawi government through The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking for the authenticity of documents purportedly of the said contract between the Government of Malawi and a Tanzanian company.

The writer of one of the documents, of which Malawi24 has seen, claim that government has awarded a one-year contract to the Tanzanian company to be supplying to Malawi 1000 metric tonnes of Diesel and 1000 metric tonnes of Petrol every month starting from June 2018.

In return, the ‘thieves’ asked the company to pay 20 000 US Dollars of which was paid through an FMB account on July 31, 2018.

“With this effect I would like to inform you that the agreed amount of money should be paid by installment for a period of four months and we ask you to pay the sum of US$20 000 as soon as possible to maintain your contract,” reads part of the letter.

The letter bears a fake stamp of “THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT AND CABINET STATEHOUSE” with a forged signature of the State House spokesperson.

In his response, Kalilani has vehemently distanced himself and the State House from the fabricated contract, and has since warned the general public to be careful of such thieves.

“These thieves used my name in the said communication and fabricated what looks like official communication.

“The said Communication neither came from State House as purported nor from me as an individual,” wrote Kalilani on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson says he has advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask the Tanzanian mission to report the matter to police for investigation.


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  1. I would like to ask that the money was already paid to the fake company or not

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