Expert hails possible DPP, UDF coalition


…UTM Poses threat

A political expert in Malawi has commended possible political ties between ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition United Democratic Front (UDF), saying the move is to help the two parties to have more votes during 2019 polls.

The expert, Ernest Thidwa, said the political tie that UDF and DPP might have is to help the two get much needed votes in next year’s general election

Atupele Muluzi Lazarus Chakwera Peter Mutharika

Atupele (L) leads UDF while Mutharika (R) is the leader of DPP

Thindwa explained that the working relationship that UDF and DPP has had since DPP was ushered into power in 2014, might help in the coalition if the two political parties decide to hold hands as the country heads to the elections.

The expert explained further that the coalition could work better to the advantage of the ruling DPP as the party enjoys massive support while UDF enjoys support from people of eastern region of Malawi.

“If it were not for the emergence of UTM (United Transformation Movement) I could have said that DPP has chances of winning the elections, If DPP can rope in UDF so much better,”” said Thidwa.

DPP vice President for the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa, said the party has not held talks with any political party for coalition agreement.

Nankhumwa added that the DPP will make the public aware if it is to have a coalition with any political party ahead of 2019 tripartite elections.

Since UDF announced its support to the governing DPP, rumours have been spreading that the two political parties are to have an alliance for the general elections.

However, officials from the two parties have been downplaying the assertions of possible political ties as the country prepares tripartite elections on 21 May, 2019.