UTM unstoppable -Kaliati


Interim Secretary General of the United Transformation Movement (UTM), Patricia Kaliati, has said that the movement is not shaken by criticism and it is unstoppable.

Kaliati made the remarks during a political rally that the movement held in Chiradzulu district on Sunday.

She said that it is normal for people to interfere when someone is right.

Patricia Kaliati

Kaliati: UTM is unstoppable

“We at UTM are not scared because we know that when one is doing well, a number of hurdles come along the way,” she said.

Kaliati then urged Malawians to go and register so that they should be eligible to vote in next year’s elections.

In his remarks at the same rally, Michael Usi claimed that it is only UTM which is capable to turning things around in the country.

Usi then condemned rampant power cuts which are a day to day song in the country. He pointed out that he witnessed a baby dying due to lack of electricity in one of the hospitals in the country.

“Malawians are both judges and witnesses in this matter. I witnessed a baby dying at a public hospital because there was no power to run life supporting machine.

“Malawians will have the opportunity to judge how the DPP has been running the affairs of the country in May 2019,” Usi said.

Speaking at the same rally, Noel Masangwi promised people of Chiradzulu that UTM will upgrade roads in the district.

“It is tedious task for the people of Chiradzulu to travel to town due to bad road networks and no mode of transport,” he said.