Circumciser fined K100, 000 for injuring man

The Magistrate Court in Chikwawa district on Friday ordered 18-year-old Wilfred Chafudzika who was administering traditional circumcision, to pay a sum of K100, 000 fine as a compensation to a man whom he forcibly circumcised.

The court heard that Chafudzika abducted and circumcised 40-year-old Nickson Lamposi on July 30 this year at an initiation camp within Morgen Village in Traditional Authority Katunga in the district.

Government urges people to undergo medical circumcision.

Lamposi met his fate as he tried to rescue his son who had also been abducted by the same initiators.

The 40-year-old ended up being circumcised and was held hostage until the following day.

He was set free after paying a ransom of K7, 000.

Police arrested Chafudzika and three other accomplices who were later acquitted of the act intended to cause grievous harm.

The state, through Police Prosecutor Danford Otala, prayed for a harsh sentence, taking into account that the victim had permanently lost his foreskin without his consent.

Magistrate echoed the state argument, adding that the accused had acted inhumanely and disregarded the right of the victim; hence deserving a hefty fine.

He then ordered him to pay a fine of K100, 000 as compensation to the victim.