MDF, Judiciary are corrupt Institutions – Kajoloweka


Rights activist Charles Kajoloweka has named the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and Judiciary as some of the most corrupt institutions in Malawi saying they are untouchables.

Kajoloweka said this on Friday during a public debate organized by Malawi Law Society (MLS) at Mzuzu Hotel.

The activist who is also executive director of Youth and Society (YAS) was commenting on why Malawi is failing to end to end corruption. He said the country is struggling to deal with the vice because some corrupt institutions are not investigated.

“The Malawi Defense Force and Judiciary are corrupt but nobody is talking about it. We don’t know why, and I am thinking that these two are untouchable,” he said.

Matemba was one of the panelists

Matemba was one of the panelists

Malawi Army Brigadier General Professor Dan Kuwali who is a legal practitioner, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director Reyneck Matemba and Assistant Commissioner of Police Gerrard Chiwanda were the main panelists at the debate.

In his contribution, Matemba said there is corruption in all government institutions but those that provide direct services to citizens are usually highlighted.

He added that there is a need to accept that the problem of corruption is there in Malawi.

“Our moral standards have gone down, because you might put in all mechanisms, dealing with bureaucratic procedures, cutting red tape, changing the laws, prosecuting people, but we will be chasing shadows if people decide to live a life without ethics. Corruption, fraud, abuse of office, will be the order of the day,” Matemba said.



  1. The Judiciary is the most corrupt in the country. Second is the Lawyers(Liars).. They don’t know the law or practice law but instead side with the party that gives them the most money.
    It is a waste of time to hire Malawi’s Lawyers. They are THIEVES..
    The Ministry of Lands is another bad Department of Govt that is corruption is rampant in and evil to the core…
    The Police Dept is a waste of time
    Our country is far behind every other African Nation and the World…

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