Sidik Mia ‘exposes’ UTM’s hideous propaganda


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia has accused United Transformation Movement (UTM) of forging “kindergarten propaganda” against him, saying he will expose UTM’s ‘hideous motives’.

Mia who commentators say has been roped into MCP to be Lazarus Chakwera’s deputy in 2019 named seasoned journalist, Idriss Ali Nassah, and political commentator, Allan Ntata, as UTM’s propaganda operatives.

In a Facebook post, Mia said Ntata and Nassah use their influence on social media to discredit him as the man behind leadership problems and confusion in MCP.

According to Mia, Nassah accused him of using his money to interfere in the MCP primary elections leading to violence in some constituencies while Ntata described Mia as the source of problems in MCP.

Saulos Klaus Chilima
He is right

The MCP politician claimed that Ntata and Nassah are working for Vice President Saulos Chilima’s UTM.

“The truth of the matter is that the two once upon a time fine minds have recently metamorphosed into UTM propagandists masquerading as sober analysts. They are men on a mission and it appears they will not relent to launch occasional or frequent assaults aimed at discrediting yours truly,” said Mia.

He added that the two will not succeed and warned that he will continue to expose them.

Mia joined MCP in 2017 and is expected to be Chakwera’s running mate in the 2019 elections.




  1. They are waisting their time they won’t get away with it……MCP is in unshakable ….Like it or not boma 2019

  2. Does it need Ntata or Nasser to tell people about these issues or its just an obvious truth that even a layman can see??? It’s true Mr Mia is using his money BUT it’s his money he has the right to use it in any way he feels good only that he must not try to attack UTM cos the guy have started something out of nothing & that something is giving the so called seasoned politicians sleepless nights. Yet him with all his money there is no way he can start a party that can come close to UTM instead him used money to buy the Vice Presidency of MCP & subsequently runningmate & these were said way back before he even joined so there is nothing new. We should even ask the writer of this article his motives cos the tittle does not even come close to the story.

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